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Our History

Lifestyle Learning Direct began life in Australia as The Writing School, which had originally begun in the UK and branched out into Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 1984. Since this time, the reputation of our school has grown, due both to our large numbers of satisfied (and successful) students, plus our commitment to providing further specialist writing courses to satisfy student demand. Within the last decade, the owners of the school, utilising their experience in the field of distance learning, decided to offer a wider variety of courses. The Sackville Academy was born to cater for these non-writing "lifestyle" courses and, under both banners (The Writing School and The Sackville Academy) the school was able to provide a wide range of products to suit the varied requirements of correspondence education.

In late 2003, The Sackville Academy was purchased by an Australian-owned family business. The Morris International Group, based on Queensland's Gold Coast, has been in business since 1973, and is a dynamic organisation with diverse interests including information technology, data processing, direct marketing, property investment, tourism, viticulture and wineries. Staff and management alike share a common goal of providing customers with exceptional service, and all staff work together to achieve the Morris International Group motto - "Showing the way".

In 2005, The Sackville Academy began offering online courses under a sub-company - Lifestyle Learning Online. Ultimately an "umbrella" company, named Lifestyle Learning Direct, was created to oversee the operations of these three schools.